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About Vosooghi Law

At Vosooghi Law Professional Corporation, we strive to provide you with the highest level of professional legal services. Providing individual attention to each client’s file is our number one priority.

We proudly serve our clients in both English and Persian in a multicultural environment.

Dr. Babak Vosooghi loves litigating for all the right reasons. He is a tenacious advocate for his clients and a strong believer in pursuing social and economic justice in the courts. He developed his advocacy skills through his ten years of practice in Iranian courts including the Supreme Court of Iran.

Dr. Vosooghi represented many of his clients in various civil, commercial, and banking litigations, and gained transferable knowledge and expertise from his years of experience. He also possesses hands on experience in international trade and business law, and has represented his clients in various international arbitration cases.

Dr. Vosooghi also prides himself for his passion to help those in desperate need of justice by taking pro bono cases and helping people for no fees.

Dr. Vosooghi’s legal career is not limited to litigation; his knowledge of international financial law as evidenced by his PhD degree from Shahid Beheshti University, invited new opportunities. He was appointed as legal advisor in Centre for International Legal Affairs (CILA) the legal arm of the Office of the President of Iran. He also served as “International Legal Advisor” to Bank Melli of Iran, the largest financial conglomerate in the Middle East.

Upon his arrival to Canada, Dr. Vosooghi was determined to continue his successful legal career. He obtained his GPLLM from University of Toronto, got called to the bar, and resumed his legal career.

Dr. Vosooghi is actively involved in civil litigation and immigration law. He has helped several immigrants with their files and prides himself of his comprehensive knowledge in different aspects of immigration law. He has also represented several client at the Federal Court of Canada in their immigration files.


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