We are experienced and knowledgeable regarding the details of different kinds of debt collection law for different areas. We can help you find the most efficient ways to enforce your rights as a creditor.

Knowing Your Priorities

As a boutique firm, we are often well-acquainted with many aspects of our clients’ businesses, which helps us to accurately assess our clients’ priorities.

We will strategize with you about the most cost-efficient way to recover your funds, taking advantage of any relevant tools that might apply to your situation such as liens or alternative dispute resolution. We will prevent further expense and delay by making sure that you don’t miss deadlines, file incorrectly or waste time with irrelevant or unnecessary procedures or motions.

Debt recovery actions may include:

  • Demand letters: The first step is usually to send out a letter that outlines specifically the amount and nature of your debt, and when you expect payment. Although most businesses have already done this, it can make a difference when the letter comes from a law firm.
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution: We can help you negotiate for a settlement or go through mediation, which may be faster and more cost-effective than pursuing a lawsuit.
  • Litigation: If working toward resolution with your debtor is not possible or productive, we will assert your rights in arbitration or through Ontario’s courts.