Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Business-to-business conflicts, consumer disputes and a wide range of other matters are all essentially disagreements over contracts. As litigation counsel, we are trained in the resolution of disputes, and as such have insight into the potential procedures and outcomes of breach of contract litigation. Over two decades in North York, we have provided the highest level of legal services to clients throughout GTA.

Contract disputes are the subject of a significant amount of civil litigation. Whether oral or in writing, a contract is the starting point to determine if there was some form of agreement between parties and therefore rights and responsibilities that result.

In addition to our services in employment law and construction, which involve significant contractual elements, we handle disputes over:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Service and supply contracts
  • Commercial leasing agreements
  • Financial service contracts
  • Consumer contracts
  • Shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements

Disputes are complex, with the language of a contractual agreement central to most litigation. Adjudicators must also assess the intent and action of the parties to establish whether the contract is valid and if it has been breached. In many cases, legislative provisions will also determine, in part, how a contract is interpreted and what damages have been suffered and are appropriate.

To proceed in consumer or business litigation with a full understanding of the risks, it is advisable to consult with a lawyer with extensive experience. We offer an enviable combination of legal knowledge and diverse practice experience.